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System Requirements:
Your web hosting provider must support PHP:
  • PHP v5.3.0 (or newer) for getID3() v1.9.0 (and newer)
  • PHP v5.0.5 (or newer) for getID3() v1.8.x
  • PHP v4.2.0 (or newer, up to v5.2.x) for getID3() v1.7.10 (and older) (no longer updated, for old PHP installations only))
  • PHP v7.0.0 (or newer) for getID3() v2.0.0-beta4 (Note: this is a feature-incomplete beta version, not in active bugfixing/development)

getID3() is a PHP script that extracts useful information from MP3s & other multimedia file formats:
getID3() can write:
Note: Tag writing (for all file and tag formats) is barely alpha-quality code, and needs considerable rewriting, and is generally unsupported.
Use with caution, and expect that things may be incomplete or broken.

Viewable source files for v1.9.21:

Can I use getID3 in my commercial program?

Note that getID3() is multi-licensed under several "free" licenses, notably GPLv1, GPLv2, GPLv3, LGPL, MPL.

The below section deals with GPL specifically:
The GPL is a little complicated, especially when mixing with non-GPL code. There is a FAQ here that may (or may not) help:

My interpretation of it is that if your code is only loosely tied to getID3 it would be considered a separate program and have no restriction on what license you use. For example, if getID3 sits in its own directory and your code checks to make sure it is there and can still work (or at least not crash, just give a warning like "getID3 files not found, cannot process metadata") if getID3 is missing, then it is a separate program. The user could download a new version of getID3 and upgrade that portion themselves, since it sits by itself.

On the other hand, if you take functions from getID3 source and include it in your own code directly, then it is an integral part of your program and you would need to release your code under the GPL (or compatible license). Or, if you choose not to release your code under the GPL, you would need a getID3 Commercial License (gCL).

Licensed gCL (commercial) users

This is the official list of licensed getID3 Commercial Licensees: Use of getID3 by anyone not in the above list must abide by the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL). You can report any suspected violations to