netjuke: web-based audio streaming jukebox

Have you made a program incorporating getID3()? Post the URL of it here.
netjuke: web-based audio streaming jukebox

Post by epsi » Sat Mar 30, 2002 7:38 pm

Hi there,

As requested, I'm posting this here to let you know that the wonderful getid3/putid3 combo library is in use in the netjuke, available from

All I can say is that before getid3, I had a lame id3 1.x compliant app, and then I saw the light! :D

James also added the ogg support on my request, and that made it even better than whatever I could have hoped to find or to code by myself.

This is great software people (getid3), and I won't hesitate to say that the commitment of its maintainer is playing a huge part in making this tool such a winner in my book.

Best regards,

Stephane Daury - Netjuke Lead Developer