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pLog 0.3

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2004 5:55 pm
by Phunkphorce

pLog is a blogging tool built with PHP and using MySQL in the backend to store articles. It does all what a blogging tool should do and much more, check it out: :) We just released version 0.3 and one of its best new features is that it is possible to upload any kind of file to our blog, and pLog will extract as much information from the file as possible and display it in a nice way, both in the administration side and in the public side. Of course, we use getid3 under the hood to extract the information when the file is being uploaded and then we put everything in the database for future use (let's face it, the library is a bit slow)

I think the library is great and it got even better in the last version, specially when it comes to modularity. Modularity is great because we have removed some of the most "rare" modules to make the size of the final package smaller and it still works great!

And now as a feature request, it'd be great to see support for office/document files: word documents, excel sheets, pdfs, staroffice documents, etc. Would be nice to have :)

Thanks a lot for such great library!!