How To Write Ratings To MP3

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How To Write Ratings To MP3

Post by JakeSiemer » Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:18 pm

I have tried writing ratings via the 'popularimeter' tag, but no success...

$tag_data = array(
'popularimeter' => array('', '128', '00'),

WriteID3v2() failed with message(s):<pre><ul><li>[email] not specified for POPM</li><li>Frame "POPM" is NOT allowed</li><li>$this->GenerateID3v2FrameData() failed for "POPM"</li><li>$this->GenerateID3v2Tag() failed</li></ul></pre>

What is the proper syntax?

I just want an easy way to send ratings to WinAmp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey, etc.

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