Problems reading files from folder!

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Problems reading files from folder!

Post by santroph » Thu May 24, 2007 9:32 pm

I'm having serious problems reading files from a folder to get information from them.
I have set the files to chmod 777, with the same user that is running the php script and nothing helps.
The problem is, the first two files I have post in the test dir get readed, BUT all newer files from this time on, doesn't get opened by getid3!
I only receive a error like:
Could not open file "xxx.3gp"
It does that for any type of file, videos, sound, and images.
I need to validate the files pryor to an upload.
Does anyone have any idea?
P.S: the files that are opened are a .3gp and a .flv, wich id3tag can read fine and give me information from them. the other files, besides some of them not getting opened, where generated from the same app at the same time, they were just put ther latter.



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Post by Allan Hansen » Fri May 25, 2007 7:06 am

Sounds like you have a file permissions problem rather than a getID3() problem.

You get "Could not open file" errors because fopen($filename, 'rb') fails.

In order to help you debug the problem, temporarily remove the @ character from @fopen() in getid3.php line 193 (assuming 1.7.8b1).