Automatically run demo.mysql.php using cron

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Automatically run demo.mysql.php using cron

Post by feyip » Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:24 pm

I've got the demo.mysql.php running such that all I need to do is type the page title with the search parameters (demo.mysql.php?newscan=folder) to add files to the table, but given that that's there is only one folder I want to use I'm trying to change it from a form asking for directories to simple checking the directory so I can run it using cron.

As far as I can see it should be a simple job of changing:

echo '<hr><form action="'.FixTextFields($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).'">';
echo 'Re-scanning a new directory will only add new, previously unscanned files into the list (and not erase the database).<br>';
echo 'Directory: <input type="text" name="newscan" size="50" value="'.FixTextFields(!empty($_REQUEST['newscan']) ? $_REQUEST['newscan'] : '').'"> ';
echo '<input type="SUBMIT" value="Go">';
echo '</form><hr>';
echo '<ul>';

so newscan=folder, and removing the form and SUBMIT section so it automatically runs when run, but it's not working.
Can anyone correct the code so demo.mysql.php can be run using cron?


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