comments_html - id3v1?

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comments_html - id3v1?

Post by seaeye » Mon Jan 23, 2006 5:09 pm


i use v1.7.5 and in fact i'm learning...
i notices one strange thing. please let me know if i'm doing something wrong or the code is buggy.

simple action:
- analyzing a file (mp3)
- using "getid3_lib::CopyTagsToComment"
- simple output:

Code: Select all

echo $info['comments']['title'][0].'<br/>';
echo $info['comments_html']['title'][0].'<br/>';
the 1st approach will give me full id3v2 titles (but no national chars there).
the 2nd - proper chars displayed, but trimmed (id3v1 values?).
any chance to get over it? thanks.

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