id2v2 Image Size Best Practice

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id2v2 Image Size Best Practice

Post by RichardLynch » Sat Mar 18, 2006 8:23 am

I've been reading docs and searching the web for awhile now, and coming up blank...

What would y'all consider the ideal pixel size, compression ratio, and/or file size for JPEG images to be embedded in PIC frames in id3v2 tags?

When I first started, over 2 years ago, I went with what was convenient, 50x50 GIFs, but they just plain look ridiculous, when they work at all.

Now that I've finally got the audio streaming nicely, I want to get decent photos embedded, to finish this off.

The picture type is "$08 Artist/Performer" -- See:

The official standard is all nifty in letting us do whatever we want., but i guess I need more Structure :-)

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