quicktime reference file - which part of movie?

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quicktime reference file - which part of movie?

Post by samek » Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:21 pm


I've got quicktime reference files wich "point" to one or more omf files located on other servers.

Getting them out (wich one to use) is not a big deal but to know which part of the movie it self to use is causing a problem for me.

So the thing is you can tell in the reference file use movie located there and there - and use from x seconds from this movie from position Y.

I got this far to know which movies to join together but canot figure out how to get those parts out.

Does anyone know how/which tag to use to get it out?


Ahh.. i've putted 2 files on the net which use the same reference to a movie but the length shown is diffrent (so should be the offset where the movie starts)


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