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Images and other questions.

Post by LeeStewart » Wed Sep 13, 2006 6:58 pm

I've got a website that lets a user maintain ID3 tags using GetID3() version 1.7.5 and I have a couple of questions.

1) I want to read the images/album art with the following code:

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if (!empty($fileinfo['id3v2'])) {
    if (@count(@$fileinfo['id3v2']['APIC'][0]['data'])) {
        $out['image_data'] = @$fileinfo['id3v2']['APIC'][0]['data'];
        $out['image_mime'] = @$fileinfo['id3v2']['APIC'][0]['mime'];

    } else if (@count(@$fileinfo['id3v2']['PIC'][0]['data'])) {
        $out['image_data'] = @$fileinfo['id3v2']['PIC'][0]['data'];
        $out['image_mime'] = @$fileinfo['id3v2']['PIC'][0]['image_mime'];
This seems to work for most test cases I have, but is that the correct way to handle the data? Is the mime type in different fields for PIC and APIC?

2) Sometimes I get an invalid mime type, for example when there's a PNG attached as album art - the image_mime field is only PNG instead of 'image/png'.

3) When the user changes a tag, I only want to update that one tag - not overwrite all the other information that's in the file. I tried setting $tagwriter->overwrite_tags = false, but I get an error:
Invalid Text Encoding in TITLE (T) for ID3v2.4
$this->GenerateID3v2FrameData() failed for "TITLE"
$this->GenerateID3v2Tag() failed
4) Is it true that using UTF-8 breaks an MP3 file? I discovered that writing tags with UTF-8 causes the file to be unreadable in some programs (like Windows Media Player).

Thanks for any info!

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