Any problems with iTunes?

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Allan Hansen
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Any problems with iTunes?

Post by Allan Hansen » Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:30 pm

I seem to recall a user having problems with getID3() and iTunes. This was a very long time ago and unfortunately nothing was done until today.

I downloaded a track with iTunes7. No problems.
I tagged an existing mp3 file with iTunes7. No problems.

If anyone encounters problems with iTunes, please post!

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Post by jeromegamez » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:32 pm

Okay, your post is quite old, but I actually have a problem:

On at least mp3-File from my iTunes library, the track title and the album title are displayed as "track title, track title" and "album title, album title".

I am using getID3 1.7.8beta2.

- J

James Heinrich
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Re: Any problems with iTunes?

Post by James Heinrich » Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:21 am

Please send me a link to a sample file that has this problem and I'll take a look.

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