Getting file information from URL's

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Getting file information from URL's

Post by optikool » Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:52 am


I'm trying to add to an existing xoops module the ability to get information about a file from files that are listed at youtube (mainly shockwave files) and divx stage6 (mainly divx files) when a person embeds a link onto a different site running this module. The goal is to stream the video from youtube or stage6 (these sites provide the necessary embedding code to stream to other sites and my module already gets the link of the file's location. Can anybody tell me what would be the best way to get the nessesary information, like width and height, file type, bitrate, etc without having to download the entire file to the local server first? I saw in other posts that I could use an fopen or fsockopen to get header information from mp3's. Can this be done with shockwave and divx movie files and has anybody ever tried this before? I am able to successfuly get information from files that is stored on the local server but the majority of files will be stored elsewhere and I don't want to have to retrieve files that could be 100+ mb's in size. Thanks in advance!!


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