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Bugfix for broken "$remove_other_tags"

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 8:57 pm
by dawnbreak

Fixing against getid3() v1.7.0-hotfix in write.php.

The following problem:
If you set $remove_other_tags = true and not writing an id3v2 tag you get the following error message:
"unknown tag format "id3v2" in $tagformats in WriteTags()"
In line 137 you set: $TagFormatsToRemove[] = 'id3v2'; only if $remove_other_tags is set true.
line 150:
$WritingFilesToInclude = array_merge($this->tagformats, $TagFormatsToRemove);
$TagFormatsToRemove is merged with $this->tagformats, so "id3v2" will be checked for an include file, but it is not catched, so that the default will throw an error.

In line 171 you just need to add [php]case 'id3v2';[/php] ;))
I hope that's all and not bringing something else in doubt.