[1.7.8b1] Does not read back id3v2 TXXX tag properly

Think you found a bug in getID3()? Post here with details.
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[1.7.8b1] Does not read back id3v2 TXXX tag properly

Post by corwin » Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:13 am

Using id3v2 I wrote an ID3v2 TXXX tag of "md5_source: 4be6f9834746ed90f8dbe767b900f364"

Reading back with id3v2:

# id3v2 -l 01\ -\ Blade.mp3
id3v2 tag info for 01 - Blade.mp3:
TALB (Album/Movie/Show title): Stained
TYER (Year): 2004
TRCK (Track number/Position in set): 01
TCON (Content type): Metal (9)
TLEN (Length): 220000
TIT2 (Title/songname/content description): Blade
TPE1 (Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)): Imperanon
TXXX (User defined text information): (md5_source): 4be6f9834746ed90f8dbe767b900f364

Reading back in getID3 I get:

[text] => Array
[0] => 4be6f9834746ed90f8dbe767b900f364

The md5_source: vanished. It looks like I'm assigning a name property to the TXXX tag. but getid3 is not seeing it. Shouldn't the 0 be md5_source?

I'm planning on writing a quick little script to emulate md5sum except use the md5source embedded in a tag so it will act more like the embedded fingerprint in a .flac file.

P.S. getID3 looks absolutely amazing. Thank you. I've been looking for a way to md5 only the mp3 data for many many years.


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