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Happy Guy

Post by Happy Guy » Wed Feb 25, 2004 8:10 am

So, I bought this cool lookin little gadget called the iRiver iHP 120, it's all good. Except for one small major tiny gaping flaw in its ID3 tag support - no track numbers! None of my albums play in order, it only plays songs in alpha order by the filename. Sheesh! Do I really have to go in and rename each one of those stinkin' mp3s?

Quick search for php + id3 turned up y'alls work. In a half hour I had a PHP script that scrubbed my 10+ gig mp3 collection and re-named all the files with the track number at the start.

So thank you for saving me more grunt work than I even wanted to think about. Rock, ROCK, RAWWWWWK!!!!

Allan Hansen
getID3() v2 developer
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Post by Allan Hansen » Wed Feb 25, 2004 1:48 pm

It is always pleasent to write some code, but there are plenty of programs out there, that could have solved your programs - a few below:

foobar2000 - masstagger/renamer

Happy Guy

Post by Happy Guy » Thu Feb 26, 2004 5:27 am

Thanks for the info, I know I'll find foobar useful in the near future.

And still, even though I could have done what I did with some other software... from another PHP programmer who can appreciate the work you did, thanks for the cool tool. My iRiver player thanks you, too!