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Which Tags in which audio formats ?

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 6:40 pm
by Schnippsche
Hi there,
did anyone knows an overview of allowed tags like id3v1, id3v2, ape, lyrics in audio files like mp3, mp4, mpp, wma, aac, ogg, flac, wav etc. ?
I am very confused about this. Is the id3v1 tag allowed in flac files and so on ?
If someone had more informations or an internet site, please give it to me :wink:

Thank you

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 8:31 am
by Allan Hansen
Some tags are native to the format:

VQF tags are native to the VQF format.
ASF tags are native to ASF/WMA/WMV.
RA tags are native to Real Audio/Video files.

Wav files can have RIFF tags. Some lossless formats ignore these tags when compressing.

Vorbiscomments can be found in Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and Speex.
Ogg Vorbis forbids any other tags than vorbiscomments.
FLAC allows ID3v1 and ID3v2 but not APEtags.

Monkey's Audio and Wavpack 4 use APEtags.
MPC/Musepack suggests the use of APEtags or ID3v1.

ID3v2 tags can be embedded in ASF/WMA/WMV files.

*Any* file can be tagged with ID3v1, ID3v1 or APEtag. ID3v1 and APEtags are simply added at the end. ID3v2 at the beginning. It is up to the player whether it will display the information or even play the file.

Note: getID3() will not accept tags on EXE, ZIP or image files.

Most players accept ID3v1 on MP3.
Most players also accepts ID3v2 on MP3, but many of them have problems.
Very few players supports APEtags on MP3. Foobar2000 does.
Some players accepts ID3/APE on Ogg Vorbis although it breaks specs.
Some players cannot display ID3 tags on FLAC files.

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 8:49 am
by Schnippsche
Thank you for your informations. But what about aac format and mp4 ? Do you have any infos about them ?

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 9:27 am
by Allan Hansen

Please visit

You might find an answer there.