ID3v1.2 extended tag

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James Heinrich
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ID3v1.2 extended tag

Post by James Heinrich » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:12 am
Enhanced tag

The enhanced tag is an extra data block before an ID3v1 tag, which extends the title, artist and album fields by 60 bytes each, offers a freetext genre, a one-byte (values 0-5) speed and the start and stop time of the music in the MP3 file, e.g., for fading in. If none of the fields are used, it will be automatically omitted.

Programs supporting ID3v1 tags can read the enhanced tag, but writing may leave stale values in the extended block. The extended block is not an official standard, and is only supported by few programs, not including XMMS or Winamp.

Code: Select all

// Extended tag (placed before the ID3v1 tag): 227 bytes

Field    Length     Description
header        4     "TAG+"
title        60     Next 60 characters of the title (90 characters total)
artist       60     Next 60 characters of the artist name
album        60     Next 60 characters of the album name
speed         1     0=unset, 1=slow, 2= medium, 3=fast, 4=hardcore
genre        30     A free-text field for the genre
start-time    6     the start of the music as mmm:ss
end-time      6     the end of the music as mmm:ss

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